Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stylenanda 3CE

Finally I'm done with all the picture of 3CE cosmetic. Wanted to blog bout it when I first received them, but I keep drag and drag...until now. And I have a weird habit which is like to keep my new product in their packaging nicely, so I don't want to take them out....but still I have to.

I got 4 product from 3CE. 

Lip pigment * Mello Pink///// Lip color * Glass Coral///// Eyebrow Shaper * Natural Brown/////Face Blush * Love Filter

The reason I wanted to own 3CE' s cosmetic is because I saw  many people are using and the Korean hit is so hot until I can't resist. Saw some video on Youtube about how to mix and match the lip pigment make me crazy and I am starting to search for this brand.  

Am using the eyebrow shaper, face blush  and lip pigment. It is not shown properly because this picture is by my * god camera* (Zr1000). Maybe I will do a simple makeup post by using 3CE product if I am really free and have the mood to do so... 

The eyebrow shaper is easy to draw and the color is nice too. But it is not waterproof and it is kinda easy to smudge. It is suitable to wear for a short hour, if outing for a whole day, I don't think so except you keep adding when it is smudge. 

The face blush is nice. The powder is so tiny and the pink color is natural. With just a little amount then the color will be very obvious. I personally think it is nice. Feel like getting another orange color.

Lip color is moisture. I always have a dry lips. Tried this lip color and it moisture level did surprise me. The color is a bit orange+pink. Not that striking, is more toward natural tone. It can be use for nude makeup. 

I got mellow pink for the lip pigment after cracking my head on choosing. Have so many color and I have so little money :( Saw the video which they mix and max the pigment to create different tone, so nice, so cute. It is lip pigment but actually it can be use as blusher or eye shadow. It is just a very small tube, but you just need a very tiny amount of it when you are using it.

Really thanks UDC for bringing all these lovely from Korea with the affordable price:) All the product from UDC is authentic and direct from Korea, they can even provide the receipt of Stylenanda store from Korea. I've check with some other store, their price is lower :) 

They are now starting the 3rd batch of pre-order. If you are interested with any 3CE product, remember to contact them on their FB >>>> uglyducklingcloset


  1. Hello, I was wondering how much you paid to get the lip pigments.